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Richard Golding

at Station Glass
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We opened, as planned, on the 19th June 2010 and have never (really) looked back. There have been a few moments when we questioned the wisdom of setting up totally from scratch, using untested equipment and with very little equipment or facillities. But we have done it!

We have learnt a lot along the way. How wonderful Richard`s Collectors have been. Despite the lack of information made available to them by Okra Glass they have found us, supported us and given us the confidence to try out new things. The Station is a special place to work.


We capture the images of some of our favourite pieces at Pieces From the Past

Picture Books

We have been very indulgent and produced a couple of photo books - see the links below or the visit Station`s Facebook page if you are interested in the stories.


Jacky Wilkinson, a special Friend, has captured her memories of the day she spent at the Station watching Sardinian Summer being made in a lovely book -