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Richard Golding

at Station Glass
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There will always be a few special pieces that are only available to Friend`s of Station Glass. This will include pieces made during Collaboration events and limited edition Friend`s pieces.

The first limited edition Friend`s piece was designed for the Spring 2011 Openday  in a limited edition of ten. All of the edition were quickly taken by Friends.

It was a silver blue iridised oval shaped vase with blue  lampworked hanging flowers, white flowers added as a trail and green foliage, approximately 10 inches tall. 
A small number of Portland Vase "trials" were made for Friend`s .
The 2012 Friend`s Jubilee Vase, on the right,  was unveiled on the 14th April at the Friend`s Openday. It is approximately 10 inches tall, a limited edition of ten, costs £350 and a small number are still available., Contact us if you would like to order one.