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Hot Stuff 2014

Tim Harris, of Isle of Wight Studio Glass fame, came along to play with Richard for the 2014 collaboration. The Station was packed, the cup cakes all got eaten and we had such a fabulous day. Tim and Richard didn't stop smiling all day. Take a peek at a short video which captures some of the magic. Hot Stuff 2014

Spring 2013 Friend`s Openday

We love our Opendays, especially when we watch the faces of folk trying to find the Treasure in the Annual Treasure Quiz.

Making Glass on the Thames

Merlyn had the great idea of taking the Stourbridge Lion, a tiny portable furnace,  on a boat to celebrate the Queens Jubilee and inviting his friends to come and play. We had a fabulous  day.

Making the 2012 Friend`s Jubilee Vase.

Jake Mee who runs the Smithbrook Glassmaking Studio in Surrey, came to visit in March and helped Richard translate his ideas into reality for the 2012 Friend`s Jubilee Vase.


Jake and Becks brought lots of lovely food and we had our first 2012 picnic at the Station whilst making lots of lovely glass. Another good day!


Hot Stuff at Station Glass 10th March 2012.


Will Shakespeare of Shakespeare Glass in Taunton came to stay and play. Richard and Will have been friends for many years. Whilst their glassmaking styles are very different they share a sense of humour, a zest for life and the ability to stay up very late!


The Autumn 2011 Friend`s Openday 1st October 2011

What a lovely day. Temperatures soared to nearly 30 degrees, food, wine, Friends and one of the Portland Vase blanks for folk to touch


We were honoured to welcome Charles Hajmadach, author and international lecturer, to our autumn Openday. Charles spoke about Richard`s place and influence in the studio glass world and the importance of the StourbridgeTwenty Twelve Portland Vase Project.


True to tradition, Friends got to sample Anona`s baking. This time she had made some beautiful iced biscuits with iridised patterns inspired by Richard`s designs for the necklaces available at the Station. And, we now have another tradition - Mike Enever playing over lunch. As well as being a major dealer in Richard`s glass Mike is a talented guitarist with an enviable collection of vintage guitars.


Richard demonstrated to Friends the Swedish style of making cameo blanks - a perfume bottle blank in ruby, black and white for Terri. A very different method to the dip method used for the Portland Vase  blanks the previous weekend.

Later on in the day Richard started playing - making a dragon stem goblet. Not sure he`s cracked this yet but Steve Foster was on hand to show Richard how it should be done. We love how the Station brings old and new Friends together with smiles.


Thanks to all the Friends who came along to help make the day special.

Making "Sardinian Summer" 6 August 2011

Our holidays are special - precious time to catch up on sleep, life and soak up new experiences. We went to Alghero on Sardinia in June and loved it. The subtle colours, tranquility and sense of peace that we found on the island set off Richard`s imagination and inspired the "Sardinian Summer vase".


The enduring challenge of glassmaking is working out how to technically translate the picture inside into a piece of glass. With Sardinian Summer this took a while as Richard couldn`t work out how to capture the sense of the mountains we`d so loved.

Richard wanted to put something about his holiday in the Autumn Friend`s Newsletter so the vase had to be made. We sat down, sketched out the idea, pondered how to portray the mountains and went for a beer. Richard still doesn`t know where the mountain solution came from but it did. He made a threaded piece in greys, blacks and purples, broke it up and then reheated the shards to pick up later as mountains.


Making Sardinian Summer was a dream. It combined a range of techniques that Richard has developed at Station Glass and it worked beautifully - not always the case with such a complex piece. To top it all we has lots of visitors watching that day, including two special Friends, Jacky and Ian Wilkinson.


The First Birthday, 19th June 2011

We couldn`t believe how quickly our first year at the Station had gone. Lots of experiences, new Friends and the ongoing joy and inspiration of working in an amazing environment alongside our Friends at the railway.

As we love filling the Station with Friends, food and wine we thought a celebration was in order. Whilst the shop made cake was lovely it paled into insignificance alongside the beautiful iridised cake with sculptured flowers that Anona made.

During the day Richard made a very special piece - a commission for Frances to depict her apple orchard. Those of you who came and shared the day with us will remember the drama at 3.30 when the vase dropped off the punty after 3 1/2 hours in the making. But, calm as ever, Anona brought Richard another punty and all was well.

The Spring 2011 Openday and Treasure Hunt 16th April 2011
Everything was ready at the Station for a full day of demonstrations and fun - until we opened up early on the Saturday morning to find that the furnace had gone down overnight.

Sometimes we wonder if it would be easier doing a "proper" job or retiring - but only for a moment. After a few "what, why, not fair`s" we decided that the day was going to be fun and a chance for Richard and Friend`s to chat and talk about glass. So, we made coffee and started get ready for folk to arrive. The balloons were fabulous - even though it had been a real challenge getting them to the Station - they were too long to fit in Richard`s van!

The sun shone on us all so we took over the platform for the day. As usual there was far too much food and the cakes were amazing. Anona. John and Meg excelled with the chocolate cakes and cream scones. It is rumoured that some Friend`s ate a great deal of chocolate cake!

We had planned to demonstrate how the very first the very first Friend`s limited edition was made. Without a furnace this was impossible but Richard was able to use the trial vase as a tool to describe the methods. Number 1 vase was quickly nabbed by a diserning Friend.


Richard set folk off on the Treasure Hunt just after lunch. It was so funny. We had been a bit worried that the competitive Friend`s
who could run would find the Treasure very quickly but that certainly didn`t happen.

Richard`s final clue stumped everyone so that all of the Friend`s got back to the Gallery and received the final clue well before it was solved by Sue and George.


The Treasure was a lampworked egg nestling in a gold casket of chocolate eggs. The glass egg has been added to Sue King`s growing collection of Station Glass - Sue only started collecting glass last Autumn and is already competing with Phillip to nab the unusual bits!


We held a second "teenage" Treasure Hunt at the end of the afternoon. This time the Treasure was a glass heart, chocolate and the necessary bottle of red wine. It was won by Jemima.

We had a lovely day. Thankyou to all of the Friend`s who came along to join us. The day has added a few more memories to the Station`s archives.

One that made us smile a lot was the creativity of Meg, Jemima and Kate in seeing an alternative use for Richard`s Wobbly Bowls. Just in time for the Wedding!We found out what was wrong with the furnace and elements on Tuesday when Richard and Merlyn stripped it down. New elements were fitted , a ring added to the pot to improve the glass quality and Richard was back on track by the end of the week.


The Finished Pieces!
We`ll be emailing Friends and Jonathan`s Collectors soon about the three pieces made during the "Get Blown Away" day at the Station in March.

The first piece made by Richard and Jonathan was an emerald and manganese purple intrinsic cameo background carved with a dawn chorus of garden birds perched on and hidden between the flowers and foliage inside. Gold leaf, chips and beautiful lampworked flora and fauna create the background in crisp detail and vibrant contrasting colour.

The second piece was very different. A footed vase where soft pale opal white forms the background to support the clematis flower shards c
arved with indigo and gold amethyst atop random trails and further lampworked flora and fauna surface decoration.

And finally, a silver graal core decorated with leaping spring hares encased in clear glass with surface decoration of lampworking and chips.


The three pieces will be offered initially to Friend`s and Collectors who came along on the day. A draw will be held to chose the lucky owner of these unique pieces if more than one person wants any piece. We want to keep them all at home!!

Get Blown Away at the Station" - Our First Collaboration - Jonathan Harris 12 March 2011

What a day! Cupcakes, wine, Anona`s legendary food and two of the most creative studio glass artsists around today having fun. Jonathan and Alison arrived early so that the glassmakers could plan - artists always seem to leave the things to the last minute.

Jonathan came armed with cameo cups, beautifully carved shards, his stool, a mini kiln to reheat the bits and some gold and silver leaf.

The expressions on Richard and Jonathan`s faces tells a story. Two talented and generous artists who are still loving their craft after many, many years.

Everyone looked like they were having a great time. It was good to see Richard and Jonathan`s collectors getting to know each other. Friends travelled from a long way to be part of the first collaboration at the Station.

Three pieces were made on the day. A purple, green, clear blank with fine lampwork detail which will now be carved inside by Jonathan. A footed vase with pad cameos and a grall vase with surface lampworking

The three pieces are now with Jonathan for carving and finishing. They will then be made available to collectors to buy.


Given the likely level of interest in these unique pieces Friends of Station Glass and Jonathan`s Collectors have been be contacted and given the chance to say which pieces they are interested in. If more than one person wants a particular piece names will be drawn out of a vase


Our First Openday 16th September 2010
We hoped for sunshine, laughter and Friends and the day did us proud. Thanks to everyone who travelled from far and wide to celebrate the opening of Station Glass with us. We hope you had a good time. We did!

There were a few new Station first`s- the cakes (thanks Anona) , the balloons (thanks Jeanette), the snail (thanks Meg), the Sunflower Vase (thanks Richard), the fearful looks on faces when the Sunflower wobbled (thanks Friends), the Station platform food tent (thanks Barbara, Sam, Terry and Margaret), the "wine waitress" and her amazing red shoes (thanks Helen).

Was a good day!

The First Furnace Rebuild!
We came back off h
oliday in September and everything was okay at the Station. Then horror struck the next morning when Richard opened up to find the whole studio and gallery covered in soot. It wasn`t until the Combo had been stripped down that we found out why - a faulty solenoid. Thanks to everyone who rolled their sleeves up and helped clean, repaint the gallery, rebuild the furnace and get the place ready for a WI talk on the wednesday. Sometimes it takes the challenges in life to make us realise what is important and how many special, generous people are out there. Thanks Merlyn, Paul, Helen, Grace and John for getting sooty with us.

Integra and Friends
Our first evening demonstration for the Integra committee and a few friends went well. Too much food - again! Richard`s demo had everyone speechless- a first for this group.




We managed to raise some money for Breast Cancer Research on the night so thankyou ladies.

Our First Picnic
Our first "event" was lovely - a picnic and glassmaking fun after work with the Webster`s. Lyndsey is Richard`s lovely designer. Euan always wanted to be a glassmaker! Some learning - we need a table, Sandra alwa
ys brings too much food and the wine always runs out! Thanks Lyndsey, Euan, Jake and Leah for all your help in making Station Glass fly.