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Richard Golding

at Station Glass
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Saturday 19th June 2010
We did it!
Despite the trials of the past eleven weeks, opening day was on us and we still had some energy.

We got down to the Station early, full of a mixture of fear and excitement. Would anyone come and visit? Would we sell anything? We were amazed.

The whole weekend was wonderful. We caught up with lots of special friends, met lots of new friends and actually sold quite a bit of Richard Golding glass from the smallest glasshouse ever.

We celebrated well on Saturday night and then the bossy friends (
see the stunning women on the left) sent us off to bed early whilst they hit the vodka for us.

Thankyou to everyone who has supported us through the set up stages. You helped make Station Glass a reality.

Now for the exc
iting bit - what will Richard make now that he has his freedom and an amazing studio to play in?