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Saturday 12th June 2010.
We got back from Spain early evening and didn`t watch the football! It had been good to get away but we now wanted to get on with things down at the Station. Just a few days left and very long lists that needed ticking off- some things vital and some not so.

Richard needed to be reminded that he had only done 3 days of glassmaking on the COMBO, in essence, prototype equipment without all the tools and niceties he`d built at Okra over the years. Even Richard Golding wasn`t going to be able to make his best glass ever - yet. We reckon on a month and he`ll be smiling. He has already been asked to make three major commissions so there`s a bit of healthy pressure but not too much. Station Glass is about giving Richard the space to make his true glass happily, not chasing deadlines or production runs.

Sunday saw Richard, Merlyn and Mike down at the Station from early morning paying court to the COMBO. Sandra was "organising" the glamorous help so that we have ways of getting the marketing material out and the Gallery sorted before Saturday.

Meg kindly "volunteered" to become our Director of Marketing and drive round all the local hotels and haunts with posters and postcards. Emily, a design student with ambitions to open her own gallery, looked shocked when she entered the Station - its basically a room full of tools, wires, wood and mess. But, by Saturday it will be tidy and have art on the walls and shelves - if it kills us. We made yet more lists and are close to getting obsessive about the lists!

The COMBO was relit on Sunday night and "charged" on Monday - another night sleepin
g on camp beds. All seemed well and glassmaking ready for Saturday`s opening was on.

Given the scale of work needed to sort the Gallery out we decided that glass needed to wait until we`d made some display cubes and tried to get the Milton floor clean. Wednesday
night was spent making and painting display cubes and removing all the accumulated rubbish and tools so that we had some chance of getting a gallery together. Sandra suspects that she`ll spend the rest of her life sweeping up dust but so be it.

Richard spent Thursday glassmaking. He is so pleased to be a
ble to let the glass lead after years of production runs which kill the soul eventually. Whilst we still aren`t certain we`ve got the right glass - we are using 24% lead - some interesting things are emerging. Meg was "volunteered" into assisting with trails on a green vase which will be cut on Friday. Her first outing as a Glassmaker`s Assistant but probably not the last.

Thursday night was lovely. We spent the evening hanging pictures and placing display cubes. We are really lucky as Charlotte Stanworth MA, a talented artist from Bosworth whose work is on display in galleries in London, has let us have three of her significant works for the gallery. They are all based around poppies but very different in colour and meaning. Sandra was very nervous about hanging her pictures alongside Charlotte`s but the walls needed filling!