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Saturday 1st May 2010

Week five started with a party at Merlyn`s to celebrate Margy`s, birthday.


It was good to take a break but, as Mike the electronics wizard was also there, talk revolved around the remaining challenges of the COMBO and what the first piece of glass will look like. The photo on the left shows Merlyn`s workshop. The Combo is slowly taking shape inside but photos weren`t allowed.

On the way to the party Richard took Sandra down memory lane to visit his previous studios in the Stourbridge area. See  Richard Goldings Story for some of the story. It brought back many happy memories but confirmed for Richard that the Station will be where he has the time, knowledge and inspiration to make his best work.


Early Sunday morning saw us off to Ikea in Wednesbury to hunt ideas for the Gallery. Not the most successful trip - apart from the bacon rolls and coffee. We found the perfect cabinets and a really sparky sales counter but nothing was in stock. To make matters worse only some of the cabinets were available  on line. Never mind, early Monday morning saw us at Nottingham Ikea where we got the rest, apart from the counter legs. A return trip to the Wednesbury branch during the week found hundreds of legs to chose from so all is well. We have also discovered the mini Dime bar sweets in the Ikea food hall so it was a chance to stock up on supplies to keep us going through election night.

The gas bottles arrived on Friday morning. We were both very bleary eyed as we`d crawled into bed about 5.45am after completing the General Election count. Fortunately the delivery guy took pity on us and helped get the 5 bottles over the track and safely stored at the Station. All we need now is a furnace!


The Gallery is going to be transformed from mucky brown and magnolia next weekend so we have bought lots and lots of paint.The walls will become a beautiful shade of yellow called Sunrise to welcome friends and visitors to our Station.


Apart from the early days at Lightwater Valley, Richard has never had the chance to have a studio with a proper public viewing area. We want to make this comfortable and safe for everyone, with seats and, space allowing, a place to enjoy a cup of coffee and muffin from the Shackerstone Railway cafe whilst watching Richard work.On Tuesday we were fortunate to get some helpful advice from two health and safety experts which confirmed that we are on the right track in how we are laying things out. A big sigh of relief!


Sometimes we feel a bit overwhelmed by all the things we still need to do. Our remedy is to go sit on the Station platform and imagine the looks on people`s faces when they walk in and see the magic of glassblowing. It will be worth it.