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Saturday 24th April 2010
Thomas the Tank Engine visited the Station this weekend.We were amazed by the number of visitors and their interest in our emerging glasshouse. We look forward to introducing a new generation of glass collectors to the joys of glassblowing once we have things up and running.

Despite the excitement of Thomas we
managed to get a lot done. Sam and Dean provided much needed help (and muscle) on Saturday so we now have a shed to store gas bottles and a protective floor for the studio.

Things were made a lot easier for us by the help that the guys from Shackerstone Railway gave us. It was a real team effort getting the decking (now the studio floor) over the railway track from the car park to the Station.

Richard keeps getting parcels delievered to home containing "interesting" objects. This weeks "goodies"  included a fan (for the furnace), 5 metal dustbins (to store cullet) and a water chuck (for bottle reaming).

Richard was kept very busy down at the Station on friday morning. The phone line went in so we will be in touch with the world very soon once we buy a handset. Then a legion of county council folk turned up to plan out how the new doors and electrics will work. We were pleased that the display b
oard setting out the history of the Station building can be resited into the space to be occupied by Shackerstone Railway.

The highlight of the week for Sandra was geting the proofs to sign off for our promotional postcards. They arrived friday afternoon and we needed to choose which of the 4 designs we wanted. Hard! Eventually, after getting feedback from colleagues at work, John and much soul searching we decided to go for all 4. Let`s hope the choice of colour of paint for the gallery is easier.