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Saturday 3rd April 2010
We were pleased that we managed to get the website up and ready in time for when Richard left Okra on the 31st March. Whilst we won`t be making glass until early May we want  to share the setting up of the Station with our Friends. The website will help us do that.
Given that Richard is having to do everything from scratch and re-equip himself with most of his tools and equipment we went shopping on Saturday. It was amazing how many things we could fit into the "new" white van. Far more than the Crossfire would have held.
Although you wont see much happening at the Station for a few weeks, the office is starting to take shape with files, book keeping systems and a brand new whiteboard all in place.
Work starts in earnest next week over at Merlyn`s in Stourbridge where the Combo furnace, gloryhole and lehr are being designed and built. Richard`s Combo will the first ever in existence. It will be incredibly compact and, like all of Richard and Merlyn`s furnaces, highly efficient to run.