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Saturday 15th May 2010
We had a lovely surprise this weekend. Richard`s friend, Demetra Potter, from Greece phoned up out of the blue and came for a flying visit to pick up her sons`s violin that she had left for repair 2 years before. As some of you know, Richard also makes violins and this was a very special one. Demetra is an artist. Many of her paintings are inspired by the sea she sees from her home just outside Athens. She loved the Station and promises to come back soon.

Demetra helped on Saturday morning when we set to to reclaim the tiled floor from last weekend`s paint splatters. The floor is now as good as new, thank goodness.

Whilst Richard worked, Sandra got stuck into finger painting. This all goes back a few months when we came back from the pub after a few beers and discovered the effect that can be achieved by using your fingers to "splodge" olive oil onto pictures drawn with oil crayons. Not quite as subtle a technique as threading or iridising but fun.

We had visitors which was lovely. Just wish we had some glass to show folk but that`ll come soon. First up was Lyndsey, our designer, who brought her family to meet us. Someone we`d met a few weeks back nipped in during a walk to see how things were going and brought his daughter to say hello. And last, but not least, Charlotte Stanhope, a friend and very talented artist brought her mum and son. We tried to convince Charlotte that the big wall in the gallery just cried out for her paintings. When we open, come and see if we succeeded. 

On Thursday night we took supper down to the Station, started on the Ikea packages but only managed to sort one. It was a beautiful night and made us realise, again, exactly how lucky we are to be able to work in the Station. Pizza and dry white wine on a deserted platfom in the sunshine is heaven. We can`t wait for our first Openday so you can share this magic with us.