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Saturday 8th May 2010

Saturday was hectic. We were both still recovering from the 5.30am end to election night. Our friend Phillip came to stay on Saturday along with Richard`s son and his friend who were with us to transform the gallery from magnolia and brown. Sandra spent most of the weekend ferrying food down to the painters to keep up their energy levels. Storm, Paul the Potter`s dog, snuck in to share the Melton Mowbay pork pie but wasn`t allowed any banana cake. Sam and Nick worked from 8am to late for 2 days and just look at it now. A bit of paint on the floor though but that can be sorted next weekend.

The barrier was also fitted on Saturday. We were a bit worried about how it would look but it fits in
perfectly and will keep children (and dogs) safely away from the hotter parts of the studio.

We are amazed by the new friends we are meeting as word spreads about the Station. A few weeks back we got an email out of the blue from a woman who makes fused and slumped glass, Joanne Lole. She was keen to come and see what we are up to so we met for lunch on Saturday. Joanne is part of a growing network of artists in the Nuneaton area who are determined to make art more accessible to everyone.

By the time we`d had lunch, talked about how the Station can fit in and help, looked at bits of glass at home and in Joanne`s car (Sandra and Phillip both went "wow" when Joanne unwrapped a piece depicting fishes) it felt like we`d been friends for years. We hope that Joanne will agree to display some of her art in the Gallery when it`s finished.

On Sunday we went over to the Glass Fair at the Motorcycle Museum and caught up with lots of
friends and collectors.


The Abfab display of Richard`s work was amazing to see. Mike Enever of AbFabGlass is a true ambassador for Richard`s work and, like many others, is impatient to see what will emerge from the Station.


We need to COMBO to be working soon as commissions are coming in as word gets round about Richard`s new venture. Richard is over at Merlyn`s for much of this week working on gas trains and the like. All being well the COMBO will come down the motorway on a trailer by the weekend and then the fun will really start.


All in all Week Six has been a bit frustrating. Testing has started on the COMBO but it is still over in Stourbridge. The fuming bay needed some real creativity as the plastic piping seemed determined not to go where we needed it. But we eventually got there using a large green plastic plant pot!


Still, we have three weeks to get the Combo in, working, make soem glass, make a marver and finishing shop and equip the gallery before we go to Barcellona for a rest, volcanoes permitting.


Let`s see what next week brings.