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Richard Golding

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Saturday 5th June 2010
We are on holiday near Barcelona. Sleep deprivation meant we couldn`t  talk, eat or laugh for a few days but we knew it would be shortlived. A couple of lie-ins, some great food and wine and a lot of laughter worked their magic. The break did us good and gave us time to remember how lucky we were to be able to set up Station Glass.

We got quite a bit of Spanish rain so used time to plan how to get everything up and running for the 19th June. We realised that we wouldn`t finish everything and that the most important thing is to enjoy the time.

Internet shopping is great. We ordered our packaging bags, jewellry fittings and colour so it arrived as soon as we got back home. Whilst Richard had managed to get some colour out of Okra when he handed Okra over to Dean and Kari it was very limited and not right for the glass he now sees inside.

We came home refreshed,with lots of lists and a determination to get the gallery sorted to invite folk in on the 19th. May not be a lot of glass but there will be something to watch and a very warm welcome.