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Saturday 17th April 2010
Week three has started and promises to be busy. Saturday morning saw us dragging the teenagers down to help carry tools over to the Station and empty the studio area ready for Richard to start work on gas pipes on Monday.

Friday had been a late night for everyone so energy levels were a bit low. We were surprised to find that the Shackerstone Railway team had set up a tea room (with cakes) in the Station since our last visit. A quick reviving cup of coffee made by our new friends at the railway and then removals started. Strange to think that in 6 weeks the current cafe sitting area will be our Gallery full of Richard`s glass and dreams.

There are some amazing things in the soon-to-be studio and gallery. We hope that Leicestershire County Council will move them to a fitting home.The story of how Station came to Shenton is displayed for all to read.
There is a wonderful painting by local children to commemorate the 500th anniversary of the Battle of Bosworth. It shows how times have changed over the years. We hope to get a decent photo of this as a momento. We`re not quite so enamoured by the dead spiders and flies but these will soon be swept away as our Glasshouse emerges from the dust.

We could get very boring about the Station as we both feel it is an amazing building with a sense of happiness and energy - hope that doesn`t sound too odd. Everyone we have taken down there so far says the same. We think it was meant to be Richard`s Glasshouse.

Apart from the atmosphere the Station has special features.The Milton floor - jus
t right for a glass gallery! The high ceiling - just right for the first Golding chandelier. The station platform - just right for a rest in the sunshine before shopping!


The gas plumbing is now all in place ready for the Combo to be fitted in early May. 

Richard and Merlyn finished the designs for the Combo this week. All the parts will be ordered next week and everything is ready to go. We are all a bit nervous but confident that the furnace Richard first started designing in his head 20 years ago will work and become a real lifeline for studio glass artists who want to buy affordable and reliable equipment to support their craft.

Our stationary arrived this week and we think it is beautiful. We are working with a wonderful local graphics artist called Lyndsey who has managed to translate our vision for Station Glass into reality. The next steps are to design posters and promotional postcards and leaflets. Exciting but challenging as we won`t have any Station Glass to photograph for the artwork for a few weeks until the Combo is lit.