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Richard Golding

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Saturday 10th April 2010
We are smiling this week. We`ve signed a licence with Leicestershire County Council, finally have a key to the Station and can now start work in earnest transforming an empty station into our studio and gallery.
The storage shed is on order, the finishing "shop" coming along nicely and the walls of the dining room covered in bright green post-its - our own version of project planning
We had a little hic-cup on monday when the brand new, shiny red cut-off saw fried as soon as Richard started cutting steel for the workbench. Nothing that could stop him though. A quick trip back to Leicester saw a brand new saw installed and working perfectly
We are excited about how news is spreading about Station Glass. We have three galleries interested in displaying significant pieces even before the furnace is lit, a design student who has volunteered to help set up the gallery and a glass artist specialising in slumped glass wanting to learn from Richard.
Richard is back over in Stourbridge on Thursday with Merlyn to check out progress on the combo. Fingers crossed!
Thanks to all the Founder Friends who have given us early feedback on the website, helped hunt down spelling mistakes and tested out the Contact Us facillity. We apprecaite your support and good wishes and hope to see you soon to celebrate great glass from the first glasshouse in Leicestershire.